Welcome to lca2015 in Auckland!

LCA 2015 Keynote Speakers

When is it?

Sorry you've missed it! linux.conf.au has now finished for 2015

Where is it?

linux.conf.au 2015 was held in Auckland, New Zealand, at the University of Auckland Business School from 12-16th January 2015.

linux.conf.au 2016 will be held in Geelong, VIC, Australia. See #lca2016 for more information.

Videos are now online

Check out the #lca2015 YouTube Channel for all our videos, or browse the schedule for specific talks.

High quality videos are available at the official Linux Australia Video Mirror and locally in NZ hosted by Slingshot

The Rusty Wrench Winner 2015

Congratulations to Steve Walsh who won this year's Rusty Wrench award