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Before All Else, Be Graphed

Project: Machiavelli

When working with system metrics, you want to be able to compare different sets of time-series data in order to find patterns and correlations. It is often difficult to compare and contrast information across multiple different datastores.

This is the problem solved by Machiavelli, a web-based visualisation application. Given information about where data lives and how to access it, Machiavelli can show visualisations in a variety of formats, comparing one or more metrics across multiple different data stores, coalesced by time.

The presentation will cover the inspirations and use cases for Machiavelli, including a short demonstration of its use in production, and how it can be extended to show and correlate data from a new datastore.

Katie McLaughlin

Katie is a part of the Engineering team at Anchor Systems, working to improve *all* the things. She has a history of enterprise development and Windows system administration, but has been successfully converted to the ways of the penguin in recent years.

When she's not changing the world, she enjoys making tapestries, cooking, and yelling at JavaScript and it's attempts at global variables.