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The Free Ride: How to Road-Test Automotive Linux on Your Own

Car enthusiasts and shade-tree mechanics have been modding their vehicles since almost day one, and the increasing importance of Linux and open-source software shows no sign of slowing them down. In this presentation, Nathan Willis will review his recent personal experience building a homemade Linux-powered in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system in his personal vehicle, and discuss where the software projects employed succeed and come up short. The topics covered will include power and runtime management, package management and integration, hardware support difficulties, and licensing concerns. Attendees will get practical advice on automotive system building, pointers on how to get involved in open-source automotive projects, and food for thought about software freedom on the highway.

Nathan Willis

By day Nathan Willis works as an editor at the Linux and open-source news site LWN.net. He is also an open typeface designer, contributor to the Open Font Library, and co-author of the book Design With FontForge ... mostly at night. In the past he has spoken at linux.conf.au, Linux Plumbers Conference, the Automotive Linux Summit, SCALE, GUADEC, and Libre Graphics Meeting.