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FPGA killed the video capture star

Project: HDMI2USB

Recording video for streaming and storage is hard.

Open hardware is fun.

Lets create some open hardware to record video!

The timvideos project is an effort to create an easy to use, modern video recording workflow for conferences like linux.conf.au. Central to this effort is HDM2USB, a FPGA based HDMI capture board.

The FPGA system captures video, does compression, USB streaming, and more, and it’s built on open hardware to boot. Come learn about the challenges of designing an open video capture system, and how to use open source to help you along the way.

Joel Stanley

Joel is an embedded hardware hacker with a background in Electrical Engineering. His fascination with FPGAs started when he created a FPGA based quad-core Gameboy emulator. Since then he has been seen flying High Altitude Balloons with Project Horus, hacking on Android powered software defined radios, and working on the FPGA parts of timsvideos as a Summer of Code mentor. While not hacking on his hobbies, he works on the Linux Kernel at IBM OzLabs.