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PostgreSQL Replication Tutorial

Project: PostgreSQL
Wiki Page: PostgreSQL Replication Tutorial

Learn to setup and maintain PostgreSQL built-in replication in this hands-on, bring-your-own-laptop tutorial.

PostgreSQL’s built-in replication is conceptually simple, but the devil is in the details, and this tutorial is all about the details. We will cover the core essentials of how to set up and configure binary replication, using hands-on exercises for some elements, including:

* setup & configuration
* replication security
* cascading replication
* synchronous replication
* failover and failback
* replication mangement tools

Materials and Docker test environments will be available two weeks before the conference; see the wiki page: https://linux.conf.au/wiki/pgReplicationTutorial Attendees are strongly encouraged to download it and set up the learning environment before the tutorial; time will not be given during the tutorial to do so.

Attendees will leave knowing how to set up a simple replication cluster, and about the options for more complex configurations.

Josh Berkus

Josh Berkus is best known as a core team member of the global PostgreSQL database project. He's also CEO of PostgreSQL Experts Inc., and sits on the board of several database startups. As well as PostgreSQL, Josh dabbles Python, Perl, Redis, and Docker these days, but ask him for an update when you see him. He's had a Linux desktop since 1998.