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Displayport MST: why do my laptop dockoutputs not work?

Project: kernel

Displayport is a VESA standard for transporting video/audio/other data between devices, it is used on lots of laptop and monitors. The Displayport 1.2 standard introduced a new technology called multi-stream transport (MST), and a number of laptop dock manufacturers (Lenovo, Dell) started using this technology to provide the output ports on the dock. However nobody told the Linux community this was coming or at least nobody in the community noticed in time!

So armed with a dock and shiny Lenovo laptop provided by the Red Hat IT department, David descended into the murky world of MST. This talk is his tale. From the laptop docks with Intel graphics, he migrated to the world of 32" monitors with MST requirements and hubs. He diverged into looking at ATI support, and nagged nouveau team members into looking at nvidia support.

David Airlie

David Airlie is the upstream kernel graphics maintainer and work for Red Hat out of their Brisbane office. He is part of the maintainer team for Red Hat Enterprise Linux graphical components. He recently branched into virtualisation for graphics project and is trying to create a fully open source virtualised 3D graphics device capable of supporting modern operating-system requirements. He also gets distracted from this task my many random other graphics projects, of which support for Displayport MST is one.